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Amongst the vast landscape of Northern Mexico, exposingits beauty in the subtlest balance betweentowering mountains and rich plains, there lays a place where our Lusitanos call home.Similar to their native region of Lusitania, since birth, they are welcomed to dense pastures and sloping terrains where they are free to roam in conditions ideal to reach their genetic potential, mentally and physically.At the Golondrinas stud farm,our lusitanos graze the hills in herds, allowing for strength, endurance, and mental capacity to be developed each and every day. Meticulous records are kept on every horse from the moment of their birth to the day they are bought and allowed to excel among the best in their discipline. Everything from their behavior among the herd and phenotypic features are assessed during these early years.

What sets apart the breeding program at Golondrinas Lusitanos, and thus, what is offered, is the rigorous selection process and genetic analysis in place. After 3 years in rich pastures, colts and fillies are brought to the stables to begin their training. Henceforth, they will be in the hands of qualified trainers and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Trainers, adhering to classical methods of schooling, will identify and accentuate their individual abilities to bring out the best in each. Emphasis is placed on identifying those candidates who are the ideal prototype in regards to physical conformation and most importantly, express in their character and mobility those attributes that we hold particular to this most noble of breeds. It is only those very rare individuals who we find to meet the requirements of our ideals that are allowed to continue their life as studs and broodmares taking part in improving the progeny of Golondrinas Lusitanos.

At Golondrinas Lusitanos, we acknowledge that there is not one perfect horse for all riders and for this reason, our breeding program is adapted to produce different lines to suit every rider’s needs and abilities.

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